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Beta TR34 rebuild

Postby Fraser32 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:05 am

Hi everyone, I'm a bit long in the tooth for this probably but not ready for my pipe & slippers yet or ready to behave.
With another lock down in the UK looking inevitable and a long winter in front of us I have decided to strip & rebuild my Beta TR34 trials bike, believe it was made about 1991 and I brought it about 1998.
It has not been ridden in 16-18 years so needs a bit of tender loving care.
I have started to strip it as I want to have the frame repainted, I am having trouble removing the swinging arm so would appreciate any advice, it looks like someone has previously had a go as things look a bit damaged, I think I may need a puller of some sort to remove the shaft from it.
Also the mono shock unit has never worked properly, the pressure vessel pipe looks iffy so would be interested to have any guidance on repair/replacement of this too. probably need bearings and bushes for this too.
I have managed to source gaskets, engine seals and clutch plates but there will be other spares required I'm sure.
Just thought I would ask for advice as I'm sure that someone out there has done this before.
Stay Safe.
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