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Re: tree crash on single track

Postby oldman » Sun Aug 23, 2020 8:19 am

Been riding/racing dirt bikes since 1967. Riding single track on a dirt bike has been my mode of exercise for many years. I'm 73 now and I still ride rough rocky single track two or three times each week. Back in 2015 when I was only 68yrs old/young I managed to snag one of the early Beta Xtrainers that came into the US. What a great single track bike that was. When I sold it in early 2017 it had over 435 single track hrs on its clock. Early 2017 I purchased a new Beta 300RR to replace my Xtrainer, it now has over 400hrs on its clock and going strong. In 2019 I purchased a 2019 Beta 500rrs to run the hills and back roads of the Arkansas national forests. It has over 200hrs on it now.

I have a 2021 Beta 200RR on order. Can't wait to throw a leg over it.

At 73 I'm planning on getting in a few more good years of dirt bike riding.

Thank you Heavenly Father for good health and another safe dirt bike ride.
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